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Could Your Feet Be Causing Your Back Pain? The Strange Truth About Alignment

It is no surprise that when most people suffer from back pain or sciatica that the first place they may check for problems in their body is in the back or hips.But did you know that the human body is like a finely tuned instrument. When one part of the body is out of balance, it can mean problems in so many other parts of the body as well. The problem with your back may not be in your back itself, but maybe in your feet.

You use your feet for so many activities throughout the day that even a small problem in your feet can through your back out of alignment and wreak all sorts of havoc on you.If your health is generally well, then consider your feet.

Do you tend to wear out a certain side of your shoes or socks before the others? Are your feet angled either inward or outward while you walk? Are your toes crooked? Do you suffer from additional pain in your ankles or terbaik sumatera shins in addition to back pain? Are your feet tired after a long day in general?

These could all be signs that there is something wrong with the alignment of your feet that could be causing back pain. Your feet help to balance you, act as shock absorbers for the stresses that walking (really a controlled form of falling) have on your body.

Problems such as pronation (tilting your feet inward too much) can cause the leg to rotate, the pelvis to shift, and the curvature of the spine to change.As you can see your body really is a very delicate thing. If one thing such as your feet are out of alignment, it can really throw everything else off too.

Foot orthotics can solve a lot of these problems. Now, maybe you don't like the idea of orthotics, after all, wasn't the kid in school that had orthopedic shoes the one who always got laughed at?Well, that may have been the case back then, but you're an adult now and there is nothing embarrassing about taking an interest in your health.

There are 2 major kinds of orthotics:

The first kind help to correct minor deformities in the foot. These functional and supportive orthotics can help with flat feet, high arches, or problems with the ball or heel of the foot.

The second type help to distribute the weight in your feet better.These types of devices help to spread the weight of the body more evenly with padding and cushioning.

If you're experiencing back pain, consider that it may actually be a misalignment of your feet that could be resulting in the back pain you are experiencing.If your feet are out of alignment, this issue can be corrected with orthotic shoe inserts that can help you hold your feet in a better position. Over time this will help you keep the rest of your body in alignment and help you ease your back pain.

If you found this information helpful and you’d like to discover other alternative ways to treat back pain, check out my guide and my to learn more about how inversion therapy can help you.

Leroy Lombard used to suffer from sciatica brought on by Piriformis Syndrome. After studying the causes and cures for sciatic nerve pain and finding lasting relief himself, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

Boosters offer great protection against omicron, new data confirms. Which one should you choose?

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Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty Images

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the and websites.

While the definition of “fully vaccinated” hasn’t changed, by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention until you received your COVID-19 booster shot (when you’re eligible for it). That’s because increasing evidence shows boosters are needed to restore protection against the new omicron variant, which has reduced the vaccines’ effectiveness against COVID-19 infection. 

However, two reports published Friday by the CDC revealed good news about how our boosters are holding up against omicron, and how the vaccines continue to protect against hospitalization caused by COVID-19. When the omicron variant was emerging in the US, adults who received a booster shot were compared to unvaccinated adults. Third doses or boosters of Pfizer or Moderna were also with COVID-19 when omicron was emerging, the CDC found.

Everyone aged 12 and older is eligible for a booster. Recently, the CDC even shortened the period of time someone who got Pfizer’s or Moderna’s vaccine needs to wait for a booster, . (People who received Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine should still get a booster at least two months after their one-dose vaccine.) 

The booster recommendation is clear now (get one), pts terbaik sumatera but the guidance leaves a little choice up to you. While the CDC recommended that everyone receive a booster dose of Pfizer’s or Moderna’s vaccine ( over Johnson & Johnson’s in most cases, the CDC says, even if you originally got the J&J). That’s because people are now able to “mix and match” COVID-19 vaccines after were authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration.

While the world continues to watch the coronavirus and scientists accordingly, here’s what to know about choosing a booster. 


shows that, in December, unvaccinated adults ages 50 to 64 years were 44 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 compared to adults who were fully vaccinated and boosted. The risk was even higher, 49 times, for adults age 65 or older when compared to the same age group who had been boosted. 

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Screenshot on Jan. 21

How are the COVID-19 vaccines different? 

While all three vaccines have the same effect — protection against severe COVID-19 disease — the way they function is a little different. Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines, which  and build immunity against a virus. Johnson & Johnson (the only authorized one-dose vaccine) is a viral vector, which  to activate an immune response that teachers our bodies what to fight in future infections.

Both vaccine types prepare our immune systems for COVID-19 infection and  infects us with the actual coronavirus. Pfizer’s and Johnson & Johnson’s booster are the same dose as the original vaccines, while Moderna’s booster is half the size of its original vaccine. 

After an outside committee that advises the CDC raised concerns over a that can happen following vaccination with Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, the CDC recommends people receive Pfizer’s or Moderna’s vaccine or booster instead. However, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is still authorized and available for people age 18 and up if they prefer it. 

Does mixing and matching work?

Research available now in the US as well as other countries shows that choosing a different COVID-19 vaccine as a booster is effective. In some cases, mixing and matching seems to produce a stronger response compared with sticking to the original vaccine. 

During a mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccine trial funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (before omicron was the dominant variant), boosters from all three vaccine companies in roughly 450 people who got different vaccines. In the study, Moderna’s booster gave the most robust response. However, that study examined a full dose of Moderna, rather than the authorized half-dose of the company’s booster, which , as The Atlantic reported. 

Another of 64 people found that people who originally received Pfizer’s vaccine, but then got a booster of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, had a stronger response to Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. This included the harder-to-measure T-cell immune responses Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine appears to protect with as opposed to antibody response alone — which may be the reason give great protection against hospitalization and disease caused by the omicron variant.  

An earlier study from Spain published in the in May 2021 found that mixing one dose of AstraZeneca (a similar vaccine to Johnson & Johnson’s) with one dose of Pfizer produces a higher antibody response than people who receive two doses of AstraZeneca. It isn’t clear whether this group had a higher immune response than people who received two doses of Pfizer, however. 


The definition of “fully vaccinated” hasn’t changed. A person is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or two weeks after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Which booster shot should I get? 

No matter which COVID-19 vaccine you originally got (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson), you should get a booster of Moderna’s or Pfizer’s vaccine,  Kids and teens ages 12 to 17 should get a Pfizer booster, however, because Pfizer is the only COVID-19 vaccine authorized for people under age 18. 

The preference for either mRNA vaccine followed concerns of a rare but serious blood-clotting disorder associated with Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, called . Since the CDC paused the distribution of the disorder to investigate, more information revealed that it’s less rare than previously understood and occurs in both men and women. (Although still rare over all, occurring in  of Johnson & Johnson given, per the CDC, women ages 30 to 49 are at higher risk of the disorder with about  experiencing it). Nine people have died from TTS and all cases required hospitalization or ICU admission, according to a . 

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is available to you if you prefer it for any reason, or if you can’t take Moderna’s or Pfizer’s because of an allergy. But given the excellent safety and wide availability of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccine, the CDC made the recommendation in line with that other countries have done for AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which is associated with the same rare issue. 

A  in September (before omicron) compared vaccine effectiveness in the real world found that two doses of Moderna’s vaccine was 93% effective at preventing hospitalization, two doses of Pfizer were 88% effective and one dose of Johnson & Johnson was 71% effective. And while omicron does evade our protection against COVID-19 infection given by the vaccines, . 

According to collected by the CDC, most people who got Pfizer’s or Moderna’s vaccine seem to stick to their original vaccine brand (most people who got Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine originally have gotten a different booster). However, millions of Americans have opted for a different vaccine brand as a booster, and no safety concerns have been raised by either the FDA or CDC in people who’ve mixed and matched. 

Are you fully vaccinated after your booster? 

Importantly, the definition of fully vaccinated hasn’t changed (). You’re still  two weeks after your second Pfizer or Moderna shot or two weeks after your Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Whether someone has received a booster doesn’t affect their “fully vaccinated” status. 

Can I mix and match the first two shots?

No, the CDC’s statement on mixing COVID-19 vaccines only applies to boosters. As of now, the FDA has only authorized a mixed-series booster, meaning the first coronavirus vaccine series must be one dose of Johnson & Johnson or two doses of Moderna or Pfizer. 

Once the mixed-series boosters start rolling out to Americans in greater numbers, there will be more data on the safety and effectiveness of a mixed COVID-19 series. Although it might be too early to hope, this might mean that data on mixing for boosters will inform decisions on primary coronavirus vaccine series being used together, making it easier to reach underserved communities, and possibly reducing health care and vaccine inequity.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Cara Bermain Di Situs Live Casino Online

Cara Bermain Di Situs Live Casino Online – Permainan Live Casino sudah menjadi salah satu permainan judi online yang sangat menarik dan menyenangkan sekali di dunia ini, apalagi ada banyak game judi yang sangat menguntungkan seperti slot online. Terlebih lagi, permainan ini ialah sebuah perkembangan cepat dari casino darat yang biasa pemain temui di beberapa negara luar sana.

Dengan kehadiran Situs yang menyadiakan Live Casino seperti Situs Slot Online Tergacor di Indonesia ini, sungguh sangat menguntungkan setiap pemain yang ada di dunia. Karena, para pemain dikala ini tak semestinya pergi jauh-jauh untuk sekadar mengunjungi casino yang ada dan bermain di sana.

Dengan memakai Live Casino yang berbasis online, karenanya para pemain yang ada dimanapun bisa dengan bebas untuk bermain judi online ini walau sekalipun, sedang berada di rumah saja. Tentu saja, itu jauh mempermudah bagi setiap pemain yang memang negaranya sangat melarang kehadiran perjudian. Cuma masuk ke dalam salah satu Situs judi online terpercaya saja, para pemain sudah bisa merasakan permainan dan mengambil keuntungan nyata di dalamnya.

Sesungguhnya, bermain casino online ini sedikit unik dibandingi dengan bermain judi uang absah lainnya. Karena dalam judi Live Casino, Kalian akan memandang ketersediaan dari beberapa pilihan permainan yang kami rasa cukup komplit untuk dimainkan oleh setiap pemainnya. Melainkan pertama-tama supaya Kalian bisa mengetahui bagaimana sistem bermain Live Casino ini. Karenanya Kalian semestinya memandang panduan yang akan kami berikan mengenai sistem mudah dalam bermain judi live casino di Situs judi online terpercaya.

Cara Bermain Di Situs Live Casino Online

Cara Bermain Di Situs Live Casino Online

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1. Mengunjungi Website Judi Resmi dan Terpercaya 

Jikalau dalam hal ini Kalian masih pemula, karenanya kami sarankan untuk Kalian bisa mencari Website Judi Online yang didalamnya diisi oleh Provider ternama dalam permainan judi online. Kecuali itu, Situs yang bagus juga sudah menyediakan layanan customer service selama 24 jam nonstop selama 7 hari masa kerja. Jadi, Kalian yang merasa kesulitan dikala sedang bertanya terhadap pihak CS akan lantas terselesaikan dilema yang Kalian miliki tersebut.

2. Memilih Menu Daftar di dalam Website Judi Online Hal 

Jikalau Kalian sudah sukses masuk ke dalam Situs Situs judi online tersebut, karenanya Kalian sebagai calon anggota bisa mulai membikin akun judi Live Casino Online tersebut. Disini Kalian cuma cukup tekan klik menu daftar saja di dalam tampilan utama webnya, karenanya akan muncul beberapa data diri yang semestinya Kalian isi dengan benar. Dan pengisian ini dimohon dengan sangat, supaya calon pemain bisa memberikan Nomor Rekening – Email – Nomor Telepon secara benar dan semuanya semestinya masih aktif ya.

3. Masuk / Login 

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Taiwan's Foxconn qualifies for nearly $30 mln tax breaks in Wisconsin

Dec 23 (Reuters) – Foxconn has qualified for $28.8 million in Wisconsin tax credits as the Taiwan electronics manufacturer, best known for making Apple iPhones, pushes to set up manufacturing plants in the state.

The world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronic devices has been working on a 20-million-square-foot manufacturing campus in Wisconsin, in which it will invest $10 billion over four years, to build electric vehicles.

Over the past year, kampus terbaik di lampung Foxconn has created 579 jobs and has invested $266 million in the community, with nearly $1 billion in total investments for Wisconsin, the state’s assembly speaker Robin Vos said in a statement.

“With the current work environment, it’s crucial we highlight and focus on the businesses that want to participate in Wisconsin’s economy,” Vos said.

The project, first announced in 2017, was once called “the eighth wonder of the world” by former U.S.President Donald Trump.

The company had said in April it would reduce its planned investment and cut the number of new jobs, citing market fluctuations and changing global market conditions.

(Reporting by Nivedita Balu in Bengaluru; Editing by Shinjini Ganguli)

Could a ‘universal vaccine’ put an end to COVID pandemics? The Army is counting on it

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The Army’s COVID vaccine has been tested in mice, hamsters, primates and humans.

Sgt. Tanis Kilgore/US Army

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the and websites.

The recent dramatic spike in cases due to rise of the  has changed the meaning of “.” Many experts are now talking about yearly COVID or variant-specific vaccines. But what if there were a universal coronavirus vaccine that protected against omicron and all new COVID-19 variants?

Several institutions — including the University of Wisconsin, Duke University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston — are researching , but the US Army is the first to demonstrate positive trial results.

The that its pan-coronavirus vaccine, the spike ferritin nanoparticle COVID-19 vaccine (aka SpFN) had completed Phase 1 of human trials. Publication of the results is expected in January, depending on the completion of the official data analysis. 

Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad, director of infectious diseases at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) and co-inventor of SpFN, told , “We’re testing our vaccine against all the different variants, including omicron,” the strain  even in people who have received booster shots. 

We’ll share what we know about pan-coronavirus vaccines and the Army’s COVID-19 vaccine, including how it works and when it could become available.

For more, learn about , why you shouldn’t “,”  mixing and matching , and the

Why do we need a pan-coronavirus vaccine?

White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci recently touted the importance of a universal vaccine to protect against all COVID variants. In an , Fauci said a universal COVID vaccine “would mean that the initial vaccination would cover all of these little variants, so you wouldn’t have to worry.”

“We want a pan-coronavirus vaccine so that you have it on the shelf to respond to the next viral pandemic,” Fauci said. “Ultimately, you want to get a vaccine that covers everything.”

Fauci’s organization, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, committed big to that goal in fall 2021, — Duke University, University of Wisconsin, and Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital — to develop and research pan-coronavirus vaccines. for kampus terbaik di lampung its universal “mosaic nanoparticle” vaccine.

What is the US Army COVID vaccine?

The three COVID-19 vaccines authorized right now for use in the US take two approaches to preventing infection: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use to build up immunity, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses a harmless rhinovirus to train the body’s immune system to respond to COVID.

The Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID-19 vaccine, or SpFN, takes a third approach, using a harmless portion of the COVID-19 virus to spur the body’s defenses against COVID.

SpFN also has less restrictive storage and handling requirements than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, allowing it to be used in a wider variety of situations. It can be stored between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit for up to six months and at room temperature for up to one month, . Pfizer’s vaccine requires an ultracold freezer (between minus 112 and minus 76 degrees F) for shipment and storage and is only  when stored in a refrigerator.

The Army’s vaccine has been tested with two shots, 28 days apart, and also with a third shot after six months.

How does the Army vaccine work against COVID-19 and other coronaviruses?

The vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson all target the specific virus — SARS-CoV-2 — that causes COVID-19. But Army scientists designed their vaccine to protect against future strains of COVID as well as other coronaviruses.

The Army’s SpFN vaccine is shaped like a soccer ball with 24 faces. Scientists can attach the spikes of multiple coronavirus strains to each of the different faces, allowing them to customize the vaccine for any new COVID variants that arise.

“The accelerating emergence of human coronaviruses throughout the past two decades and the rise of SARS-CoV-2 variants, including most recently omicron, underscore the continued need for next-generation preemptive vaccines that confer broad protection against coronavirus diseases,” Modjarrad . “Our strategy has been to develop a ‘pan-coronavirus’ vaccine technology that could potentially offer safe, effective and durable protection against multiple coronavirus strains and species.”

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What to do if you lose your vaccination card, and how…


When will the Army’s COVID vaccine be available?

No date has been set. SpFN successfully completed animal testing and wrapped Phase 1 of human trials in December, but it must still complete Phases 2 and 3 of human testing, when its safety and efficacy is compared to current vaccine options. 

Normally, completing all three phases can take up to five years, but the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic is speeding up the process. The Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, for example, were tested, reviewed and authorized by the Food and Drug Administration over the course of one year. 

What happens next with the Army SpFN vaccine?

After data from the Phase 1 human trials is collected, analyzed and published, Phase 2 and 3 trials will begin. There is very little information so far on when or how those trials will proceed or if the phases will overlap.

To follow the progress of the Army vaccine trials, visit the provided by the US Army Medical Research and Development Command.

For more on COVID-19, here’s what we know about how the CDC defines being , how to , and after two years.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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Contribution of Analytics, Application, Cloud Computing to The Internet of Things

Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Kampus Terbaik di Lampung Akreditasi A dan Baik Sekali - Fakta ...

The latest statistical data of the cloud computing world states that Internet of the things is being dominated.

The Internet of things is the process or linkages through which all the things that exhibit the environment around us are designed on the network of Internet. The recent trend in the world of Information Technology shows that most of the App developers that contribute to the internet of things spent their time in dealing with data resources and analytics.

The internets of things people spend 25% of their time on database and analytics, whereas greater than 40% of the IT population deals with Big Data and advanced projects of analytics.

The core people dealing with Internet of things exchange most of the information through the cloud or through the use of a central server or a dynamic hub.The developers of today find the cloud as the specialised and vast area for explorations and developments.

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The development of the Internet of things around the globe

The key points that describes the contribution of IOT developers:

  • The trend of the rise in users of the cloud platform in the countries of Asia Pacific is changing the outlook of the Information Industry.

    Application developers from the Asia Pacific and North American states are working and improvising the module and processes of the Internet of things. The Application development issue is playing a major role in solving all the problems associated with the family, society, market, and industry.

    The global development on the methods of approach and increasing research facilities has emerged as the pivotal contributor to the Internet of things.

  • The developments of commercial applications for the transportation industry, the system administrator and for resellers providing value-added services contribute a large part of the life to the development of the Internet of things.

    The corporate sector and the workforce associated with the manufacturing industry. Overall these sectors are booming at an alarming rate over the use of technology over the last few years. The conditions of scientific research have elevated since the use of applications.

  • The developers who contribute the Internet of things devote maximum time with information or data.

    Understanding the role of the data and kampus terbaik di lampung information in the processing of the application requires the intelligent task of analytics. Application developers devoting time to find patterns and similarities in different domains of data are creating simple solutions to cope up with the increasing demands of applications.

    Support for hardware and support to an application for use in the daily lives, data analytics is coming up with new discoveries and anomalies.

  • Starting to create an application to support the Internet of things requires the use of cloud computing. It is reshaping the outlook of the virtual world.

    The ease of storage of data, the use of innovative algorithms and techniques to contribute to the Internet of things require heavy cloud computing capacity. People these days are spending a huge amount of time in the cloud. The absorption of the masses in the cloud is pacifying the application support for the IT world.

Datamites is providing , Hyderabad and Pune.If you are looking for IoT classroom training then sing-up with Datamites IOT expert course and get certified. Along with IOT you can also learn Data Science and Machine Learning with Python, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence courses at .

Surviving The Bully

Children run home screaming that someone at school is bothering them – calling them names, picking on them, and pts terbaik sumatera fighting.

Parents are familiar with this scenario because many of them were victims of bullying as well. Somehow, they got over it – moved on with their lives. However, as new parents, they find themselves rushing to the side of their children, allaying fears, and demanding that a cap be placed on bullying.

Okay, it's probably safe to say that bullying has been around a long time – so why the focus?

While W.S. Churchill conveyed to us that there is a way out everything except death, recent attention has focused on individuals who took their own lives and the lives of others as a result of bullying. Thus, is it possible for parents, counselors, and educators to convince children that these targeted acts of unkindness, cruel words, and outbreaks of physical abuse inflicted on others will pass when they enter the magical world of adulthood?

Are we kidding ourselves? Let's face the facts. It would be unrealistic to go home each night, look in the mirror and convince ourselves that bullying goes away in adulthood. We know bullying stays; it also morphs into retaliation, coercion, power play, and corruption. So, as children transition from the playground to the workforce:

Universitas Malahayati - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

The fish bowl gets bigger with more room to swim,

but watch for bigger fish that gobble at whim.

A friend once shared her experience about standing up for a coworker who was treated terribly while employed by a large firm. After attending several meetings, she was convinced that her fellow coworkers were going after this person for no reason. This individual did his work, voiced his opinion at meetings, and appeared to be doing a good job.Although his opinions did not always align with the group, he was polite and considerate of others. Yet,he was subjected to continuous mistreatment and harassment.

It became clear that the efforts put forth to go after this person were not random acts. They were part of a plan, developed and supported by the boss who used his Machiavellian skills to avert detection and responsibility for the consequences endured by this coworker.

As time went by, she began to notice that her friends at work started to ignore her and to treat her differently. Her salary increases were decreasing and she knew that coworkers were sabotaging her work, speaking untruths about her, and interfering with her relationship with others in the firm.

It became apparent that because she stood up for the rights of this one coworker, she too, became a target of bullying and retaliation. It was obvious the other coworkers sided with the boss – viewed as the safe-haven group. Whatever the boss wanted, they performed.

If he said, “Jump off the cliff!” Okay. “Eat dirt!” Okay. “Hurt others!” Okay.

Coworkers were afraid to confront the boss and stand up for this one person. After all, there were repercussions for not cooperating with the boss. The coworkers were well-educated people who had careers and family members to think about, children in school and college, and concerns about the economy.Why consider the harm done to this person; just press the easy button.

In exchange for their support, later discoveries through legal channels revealed that the safe-haven group was showered with bonuses,higher raises, and awards that appeared to fall from the sky. The message was clear. Bullying and corruption pays at the expense of others throughout our lives.

Now, what do we tell our children?

Sheryl L. Szeinbach,PhD, MS, BSPharm is professor at Ohio State University. Her PhD is from Purdue University, MS from the University of Kentucky, and BSPharm from the University of Texas, Austin. She has mentored over 30 graduate students,and published over 300 research articles and abstracts.

Her research was featured on NBC news, CBS Early Show, Reader’s Digest, and The Wall Street Journal. She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Rho Chi. Website:

Arab Spring: the first smartphone revolution

Egyptians use their mobile phones to record celebrations on February 12, 2011 in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Egyptians use their mobile phones to record celebrations on February 12, 2011 in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Social media and smartphones briefly gave youthful Arab Spring protesters a technological edge that helped topple ageing dictatorships a decade ago as their revolutionary spirit went viral.

Regimes across North Africa and the Middle East were caught flat-footed as the fervour of the popular uprisings spread at the speed of the internet via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Unfortunately for the pro-democracy movements, autocratic states have since caught up in the digital arms race, adding cyber surveillance, online censorship and troll armies to their arsenals.

While the so-called Arab Spring offered a brief glimmer of hope for many, it ended with even more repressive regimes in most countries and devastating, ongoing wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

"Facebook" is written with stones in Cairo's Tahrir Square on February 6, 2011, the epicenter of anti-regime protests

“Facebook” is written with stones in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on February 6, 2011, the epicenter of anti-regime protests

Nonetheless, say veterans of the period, the revolts mark a watershed moment when digital natives launched the era of “hashtag protests” from Occupy Wall Street to Hong Kong’s Umbrella protests and Black Lives Matter.

Hyper-networked and largely leaderless, such protests flare up like flashmobs, making them harder for authorities to suppress, with grievances and demands decided not by committees but crowd-sourced online.

“Blogs and social networks were not the trigger, but they supported the social movements,” said former Tunisian activist Sami Ben Gharbia, who ran a blog from exile and returned home amid the 2010 uprising.

“They were a formidable weapon of communication.”

The slogans of TV channel "Al-Jazeera" and social media giant "Facebook" are spray-painted at Cairo's Tahrir Square on February 7, 2011

The slogans of TV channel “Al-Jazeera” and social media giant “Facebook” are spray-painted at Cairo’s Tahrir Square on February 7, 2011

Today, say Arab cyber-activists, states have lost much of their control over what citizens can see, know and say, as evidenced by a later wave of protests that rocked Algeria, Sudan, Iraq and Lebanon in 2019 and 2020.

While the heavy lid of state censorship has come down once more in many places, that free spirit has also brought change for the better, especially in the small Mediterranean country where it all started, Tunisia.

– ‘Mass mobile-isation’ –

A protester records with his mobile phone a demonstration in central Tunis on January 19, 2011

A protester records with his mobile phone a demonstration in central Tunis on January 19, 2011

The spark that set off the Arab Spring was the tragic suicide of Tunisian street vendor Mohammed Bouazizi, 26, who, having long been cheated and humiliated by state officials, set himself on fire.

If his desperate act on December 17, 2010 expressed a real-world fury shared by millions, it was the virtual universe of online communications that spread the anger and hope for change like wildfire.

Long simmering discontent among the less privileged was harnessed and multiplied by tech-savvy and often middle-class activists into a mass movement that would spread from Morocco to Iran.

Bouazizi’s self-immolation was not caught on video — but the subsequent street protests were, along with the police violence that aimed to suppress them through fear but instead sparked more anger.

Smartphones with their cameras became citizens’ weapons in the information war that allowed almost everyone to bear witness, and to organise, in a trend that has been dubbed “mass mobile-isation”.

Clips were shared especially on Facebook, a medium outside the control of police states that had for decades tightly controlled print and broadcast media.

“The role of Facebook was decisive,” recalled a blogger using the name Hamadi Kaloutcha, who had studied in Belgium and back in 2008 launched a Facebook forum called “I have a dream … A democratic Tunisia”.

“Information could be published right under the regime’s nose,” he said.”Censorship was frozen. Either they censored everything that circulated, or they censored nothing.”

Social media and smartphones briefly gave youthful Arab Spring protesters a technological edge against ageing dictatorships

Social media and smartphones briefly gave youthful Arab Spring protesters a technological edge against ageing dictatorships

If previously dissent could only be whispered, some of the citizens’ fear and apathy lifted as online users saw their networks of family and friends speak out in the virtual space.

Online platforms also formed a bridge with traditional global media, further accelerating the regional revolt.

“International media like Al-Jazeera covered the uprising directly from Facebook,” Kaloutcha said.

“We had no other platform to broadcast videos.”

With head-spinning speed, Tunisia’s ruler of more than two decades, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, was gone in less than a month.

“Thank you Facebook,” read one graffiti sprayed on Tunisian walls, long before the social media giant drew increasing fire for spreading not just calls for freedom but also fake news and hate speech.

– ‘The camera is my weapon’ –

An Egyptian demonstrator uses his mobile phone to take a picture of a burnt army tank during clashes in central Cairo on January 29, 2011

An Egyptian demonstrator uses his mobile phone to take a picture of a burnt army tank during clashes in central Cairo on January 29, 2011

The Tunisia victory would soon kick off a political earthquake in North Africa’s powerhouse Egypt.

A key catalyst there to mobilise and organise protests was the Facebook campaign “We are all Khaled Said”, or “WAAKS”, which highlighted rampant police brutality and widespread corruption.

Said, 28, died in police custody in June 2010.Photos of his battered corpse went viral online while authorities unconvincingly claimed he had choked on a bag of drugs.

The WAAKS campaign brought hundreds to his funeral, followed by a series of silent protests.

By early 2011, the Egyptian revolt had gathered steam, and the movement snowballed into anti-government protests on January 25, the National Police Day.

WAAKS at the time encouraged citizen journalism with the video tutorial “The camera is my weapon”.

Powerful online images surfaced including one of a man facing off with an armoured water cannon, kampus terbaik di lampung echoing the iconic image of an unknown Chinese protester who in 1989 defied a column of tanks on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Regimes across North Africa and the Middle East were caught flat-footed a decade ago as the fervour of the popular uprisings spread at the speed of the internet

Regimes across North Africa and the Middle East were caught flat-footed a decade ago as the fervour of the popular uprisings spread at the speed of the internet

Volunteers translated Arabic tweets for the international media, even as state broadcasters railed against the “criminals” and “foreign enemies” it blamed for instigating the protests.

Anonymous movement hackers showed solidarity by distributing advice on how to breach state firewalls and set up mirror websites.

On January 28, 2011, the “Friday of Rage”, the government ordered an internet blackout and blocked cell phone services, but it was too late.

A critical mass was already reached, and more youngsters left their screens to join the offline action on the streets.

At the height of the protests, up to one million Egyptians were demanding Hosni Mubarak’s ouster.He finally agreed to step down on February 11, ending a rule of nearly three decades.

– Virtual battlegrounds –

If the phrase “Arab Spring” echoed the romantic hopes for freedom of the 1968 Prague Spring, it ended as tragically as that brief uprising crushed by Soviet tanks.

An Egyptian holds up a sign praising Facebook in 2011 on Cairo's Tahrir Square, heeding a call by the opposition for a "march of a million" calling for the ouster of Hosni Mubarak

An Egyptian holds up a sign praising Facebook in 2011 on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, heeding a call by the opposition for a “march of a million” calling for the ouster of Hosni Mubarak

Arab states have quickly caught up with their own cyber tools, weaponising social media and cracking down hard on online activists.

“The authorities reacted quickly to control this strategic space,” said former Moroccan activist Nizar Bennamate, then with the February 20th protest movement.

Activists, he said, became “victims of defamation, insults and threats on social networks and some online media”.

A decade later, Amnesty International charged, Morocco has used smartphone hacking software to spy on journalist and rights activist Omar Radi, before detaining him on rape and espionage charges.

A computer screen shows tweets posted by users on January 14, 2011 about the situation in Tunisia

A computer screen shows tweets posted by users on January 14, 2011 about the situation in Tunisia

In Egypt, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s government has crushed almost all dissent, blocked hundreds of websites and jailed social media users, including even teenage influencers on the short video app TikTok.

Takeovers of publishing and TV companies by regime insiders has “led to the death of pluralism in the media landscape,” said Sabrina Bennoui of Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

“We called this movement the ‘Sisification’ of the media.”

Gulf countries, meanwhile, have used the Covid-19 pandemic “as a pretext to continue pre-existing patterns of suppressing the right to freedom of expression,” Amnesty has charged.

As conflicts are fought increasingly in the virtual space, the standoff between a Saudi-led group of Gulf countries and Qatar has seen the use of bot armies to attack each other.

In Libya’s war, fought with drones and mercenaries, UN mediators recently urged both sides not just to lay down their weapons but also to refrain from the use of online “hate speech and incitement to violence”.

An image from a propaganda video released on March 17, 2014 by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group's al-Furqan Media

An image from a propaganda video released on March 17, 2014 by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group’s al-Furqan Media

Social media has also been used to great effect by non-state actors such as the Islamic State jihadist group, which employed it as a powerful weapon for propaganda and recruitment.

“The tools that catalysed the Arab Spring, we’ve learned, are only as good or as bad as those who use them,” said a commentary in Wired magazine.

“And as it turns out, bad people are also very good at social media.”

– ‘Dream come true’ –

Today, as most Arab countries linger near the murky bottom of RSF’s Global Press Freedom Index, the one place that offers a glimmer of hope is Tunisia, the tiny country where it all started.

Though battered by poverty and now the pandemic, it boasts a long secular tradition, a fragile democracy and relative freedom of speech in a region dominated by totalitarian regimes.

Tunisian journalist Sami Ben Gharbia, once a refugee who  ran the Nawaat blog from the Netherlands, at the office of the now fully fledged Nawaat media outlet

Tunisian journalist Sami Ben Gharbia, once a refugee who ran the Nawaat blog from the Netherlands, at the office of the now fully fledged Nawaat media outlet

Nawaat, once one of the major dissident blogs subject to state censorship, is now a fully fledged media outlet that runs both opinion and investigative pieces, with a website and a printed magazine.

It has produced several documentaries on environmental and social justice issues and interviewed former prime minister Elyes Fakhfakh earlier this year.

Gharbia, once a refugee who had fled the Ben Ali regime and ran the Nawaat blog from the Netherlands from 2004 to 2011, is now proud to be a force in the country’s media landscape.

“There was a big debate after the fall of Ben Ali,” he said.”Had we reached our goal, should we continue and in what form?

Nawaat, once one of the major dissident blogs subject to state censorship, is now a fully fledged media outlet

Nawaat, once one of the major dissident blogs subject to state censorship, is now a fully fledged media outlet

“After a transition, in 2013, we decided to professionalise the editorial staff, to produce independent quality information, which is still lacking today in Tunisia”.

One recent day he was running a lively editorial meeting during which journalists discussed which political parties to investigate next.

“Having offices and a team of journalists working freely in the field was a dream 10 years ago,” he said.

“That dream has come true.”


Tricks And Tips For A Satisfying College Education

School symbolizes a serious daily life cross over, and you must take the reins of accountability. College or university is really a obstacle, but you will be productive in the event you strive and stick to the tips out of this post.

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It is actually commonly known that school can be difficult, for a student with all the very best credentials. At this point you find yourself responsible for every facet of lifestyle, but by making use of the recommendations previously mentioned, it can be possible to create a regimen that facilitates rigorous research or even a bit of enjoyable.

The best online photo book services of 2021

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My mom has a cabinet full of photo albums curated from years of vacations, birthday parties and family events. While the days of dropping off film canisters at a 24-hour photo counter and carefully arranging the prints in a physical photo album may be in the past thanks to the digital era, I find there’s still no replacement for actually holding those family photos in a photography book on my lap. 

<p class="speakableText in a gorgeous glossy photo album.


Putting a custom photo book together can be a relaxing hobby to take up.

Vlad Fishman/Getty Images

A number of reputable options from photo book services are available online to help you build a photo book project that can be mailed right to your door. The CDC and the WHO say it’s , but if you’re nervous about getting a printed book, you can also just save your project and order your photo album later. 

We tested a few of the best photo books services to see how easy they are to work with, though we haven’t actually gotten any books made yet, so we can’t compare the quality of the final products.  Here are the best photo book services to check out online.

Read more: 

Shutterfly/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Shutterfly is one of the better known digital photo book service options. The site can help you assemble a photo book with over a dozen occasion templates and book sizes, or with tutorials and ideas if you want to start entirely from scratch. You can also choose Shutterfly’s Simple Path, which uses the site’s software to instantly lay out your photos — you need only rearrange them if you like, and decorate and add captions with this editing tool. Basically, you’ll have a personalized photo coffee table book in no time.

You can add print quality photography from your computer, or photos already uploaded to Shutterfly, Facebook or Instagram. You can also use stock photos from Shutterfly’s Art Library. Any photo you upload has to be in JPEG format. The website doesn’t take long to learn to navigate, even if you aren’t very digitally savvy. If you need a bit of inspiration, you can click Idea Pages for some premade templates. 

How much it costs: Without the sales tax, an 8- by 11-inch 20-page hardcover photo book would cost about $40 before shipping and tax. , so you should be on the lookout for promo codes to apply to your personalized photo book purchase to save some money. If you add or delete something from your project, Shutterfly will tell you that the price of your project has changed.

Mixbook/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

minimalist layout makes it very easy to use. The site has dozens of fun photo book themes — family, seasonal, wedding, travel, baby — and more specific designs in each category, perfect for a photo gift. There’s also the option to put a book together from scratch.

Mixbook lets you upload print-quality photos from your computer, phone, Facebook, Instagram or Smugmug or use the photos you’ve already uploaded to the site. 

I used Mixbook to organize my wedding photos a few years after the fact. It was easy to add and edit photos, text, pts terbaik sumatera extra pages and embellishments to the template I chose. You can swap themes at any time, but from what I can tell, you have to change the pages manually, though the photos will transfer over.

You can be as creative as you want to be and veer away from the template as you like — or stick with it. As you build your book, you can click Preview to see how the final product will look along the way. When you’re satisfied with your book, click Order to finalize the photo book size, page and cover finish. 

How much it costs: Mixbook offers a lot of customization options that can affect your final price. Photo books can be ordered in landscape, portrait or square shape in 6- by 6-inch, 8.5- by 8.5-inch, 10- by 10-inch and 12- by 12-inch sizes. Mixbook offers four different page finishes and five different cover option styles. The combination you choose, and any extra pages, will determine your price. 

Choosing the regular semigloss page finish and a softcover can help keep . Designing a larger book with more bells and whistles like hardcover matte or leather with a dust jacket will raise the final price. For example, my 8.5- by 8.5-inch 39-page hardcover wedding photo book came to about $30 with a discount code, before tax and shipping.

Snapfish/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

makes uploading photos to make an album super easy by organizing all of your uploads into a file. From there, you can let Snapfish autofill your photo book or add your images manually. Snapfish had a similar photo editing user interface to Mixbook, but was more sensitive about image resolution. For example, on both sites if an uploaded image’s resolution is too low, it’s flagged with a little exclamation mark. Some of the photos that were OK for Mixbook didn’t pass Snapfish’s resolution requirements. 

Snapfish had dozens of templates and themes like Summer Snapshots, Grad Nostalgia, Family Farmhouse, Storybook Love and Moments with Mom. If you picked a template to start with, you can still swap pages for other backgrounds or change the book theme entirely. Some of the embellishments with certain templates had drop-shadows for each photo that made them feel more like traditional scrapbook pieces. 

How much it costs: When you’re finished with your project, click Review and Buy to place your order. For an 8- by 11-inch hardcover 20-page photobook, Snapfish charged $40. The site also offered to print nine 4- by 6-inch glossy prints from the album for 9 cents each. 

Walmart/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Get started on your photo book by making an account on . You can customize your photograph book’s size, from 5 by 7 inches all the way up to 12 by 12 inches, as well as the cover type, binding and how fast you want it delivered. Since I already had the photos available, I tested out Walmart’s All That Glitters wedding album template. You can swap templates at any time, but the photos you’ve placed won’t transfer, and you’ll need to put them back into the new layout.

Walmart lets you upload digital photography from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox and Google Photos, but the site will only hold onto the photos for one year. After dropping a photo in, click it to start the editing process if you want to make adjustments. However, Walmart provides fewer photo editing options — a black-and-white or a sepia filter, the ability to crop, zoom, tilt, brightness adjustment and red-eye elimination — compared to other websites.

It was easy to drag and drop photos or swap layout pages in the template. One of the downsides to Walmart’s photo books though was the lack of embellishments. The program lets you add text, but “stickers,” like those on other sites, would’ve taken the design process up a level. 

How much it costs: Once you’re finished with your project, click Next to review your photo book in a storyboard format before you order. There’s also an option to preview the entire book page by page if you want a more detailed review before ordering. You’ll get an alert if you left any slots blank, so don’t panic. Walmart’s option is also the least expensive of the bunch: An 8- by 11-inch 20-page hardcover photo book cost about $19 before shipping and tax. The store offers free shipping on orders over $35.


If you’re not keen on making an account and getting a slew of emails from a company, might be the way to go. With this photo book company, you can make a photobook as a guest, no account needed. 

Mailpix offers premium ultra layflat, layflat, hardcover book and softcover photo book styles, ranging from 8-by-8 inches to 11-by-14 inches in size. The site recommends designing the book on a computer and using JPEG files. You can pick out styles for almost every occasion — birth celebrations, Mother’s and Father’s day, holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Hanukkah, birthdays and pets. 

Choose a layout and upload your photos. You can change the page layout at any time and the photos you’ve added to that page will adapt (unlike with Walmart’s service). One thing I didn’t like about Mailpix was the red line that appeared around the page indicating that a section might be cropped out during printing. This made me a bit nervous — especially with embellishment-heavy pages, and I found myself distracted while I tried to imagine who my page would turn out.

I experimented with a cute retro design that looked similar to something you might be able to recreate with real scrapbook materials. There was a nice diversity in page layouts, and the site warns you if a photo’s resolution is too low, so you can adjust. In addition, Mailpix updates your price total as you go along, so you’re not caught off-guard by the final price at checkout. 

How much it costs: When you’re satisfied with your book, name it and choose how many copies you’d like to order. Select a cover style, add a photo if you’d like and check out. The prices for the book styles and amount of pages vary, like with the other sites — the fancier the book and more pages you add, the more expensive it gets. On Mailpix, every extra page cost $1.20.

An 8-by-8-inch softcover book with 22 pages came $37.40 before tax and shipping — ground shipping is $9, but Mailpix had a spring sale going on and two promo codes available as well, which will lower your price a bit. 

Google Photos/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Instead of uploading your photos into another app, you can create a photo book with less hassle with . In the Google Photos app, tap the For You tab (on my Pixel 3 phone, it’s at the bottom of the screen, but it also works on desktop) and then tap the Prints button. Tap Photo Books to get started with a hardcover 9- by 9-inch or a softcover 7- by 7-inch. Both books start at 20 pages and can go up to 100 pages.

Google will give you a few premade albums based on your photos, like Best of Winter 2019, or you can build your own photo book by choosing an album you already made. There’s also the option to start from scratch and manually add all the photos by tapping Make Photo Book at the bottom of the screen.

Google Photos is probably the most basic choice if you’re going to order a photo book. It offers a minimalist layout on white pages that you can add captions to. There aren’t embellishments like there are on Snapfish or Mixbook, but you can still make creative layouts with multiple photos. Hold down a page and drag it to rearrange or tap to edit. Google Photos still has editing options in its app for you to add filters before creating a book. 

How much it costs: A hardcover 9- by 9-inch photo book costs $20 and 65 cents for each additional page. A softcover 7- by 7-inch photo book costs $10 and 35 cents for each additional page before shipping.

Blurb/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Making a photo book with Blurb has a bit more steep of a learning curve than the rest of the services on this list. Blurb is aimed at the professional photographer wanting to showcase work and possibly sell it with a professional photo book. You can still use Blurb to make a photo book as a keepsake or a gift for a loved one, but you need to download the free Bookwright app extension to do it after making an account with the photo book service. You can also use programs like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Lightroom, but I would only recommend using these if you already pay for them. 

To start your project after you’ve downloaded Bookwright, you can choose your book preferences (cover, size, page style). I used a from Blurb to get the hang of the program. At its bare bones, the program works like other photo-book creation sites. Import the photos you want, choose to auto-create the book or drag and drop the photos into the layouts you choose. You can also design your own layout and save it for future use. Clicking Manage Photos displays all your pages in a spread so you can rearrange as needed.

When you’re finished with the project, you can click Upload to send to Blurb. You can purchase physical copies of your photo book and/or get a digital version in PDF format ($5 extra). If you’re ordering multiple copies (10 to 20+), Blurb has up to 40% discounts. You can also upload editions to sell by clicking Sell Your Book instead of Order Your Book after uploading it. 

How much it costs: Blurb, like the other services, lets you customize your project to best fit your price range. The site default recommends a 20-page 10- by 8-inch landscape photo book with an image-wrap hardcover and premium luster paper for $41. Each additional page costs 35 cents. My test album was the cheapest combination: A 20-page 7- by 7-inch softcover with standard paper for $15. Each additional page was 20 cents.