weighted electric heating pad private brand

hello hello hello i am author and


the cerebral palsy vigilante

zachary fennell part of living with

cerebral palsy involves managing

discomfort and pain in today’s video

i will be showcasing a tool i have

recently added

to my pain management arsenal

cure choices electric heating


as you will see this is a large heating


the size makes the pad versatile a


to help ease back pain

shoulder stiffness

and thigh soreness

or at least that is what i have used the

cure choice heating pad for

now before i go any further let me


i am not a doctor or medical


again i repeat i am not a doctor

or medical professional i am simply


my firsthand insights about an item

that has helped me alleviate minor

to mild pain and discomfort

hoping my insights might be beneficial

to you too do note though

cure choice warns the reheating pad

is not to be used on infants or

individuals with

poor circulation paralysis or diabetes

if none of the above applies to you the

cure choice heating pad

might interest you i am creating this

video that further help you gauge

side interest since cerebral palsy

can impact everyone differently

one’s ability to use the healing pad

may vary the first capability

you will need is the ability to plug

in the heating pad cord

the heating pads cord into

an outlet

once plugged in you will only need

one finger to control the different

heat settings

the control has one button press

once to turn on the low setting

twice for the medium setting

three times the high setting pressing

the button a fourth time

turns off the heat

in my experience the heating pad does

not get overly hot

so i tend to always use the highest


typically i will use the heating pad for

30 minutes to an hour

and EvllaWholesalers that does the trick to relieve my


as a safety feature the heating pad is

supposed to

automatically shut off after two hours

admittedly i have not put this feature

to the test

on you saw earlier the different motor

skills needed

to position the heating pad for use on

the back

shoulder and thigh if you have any more

questions about that

ask away in the comments section i will


in a timely fashion for more information

in general

i have left in this video’s description

a link

to the amazon sales page where i bought

my cure choice electric heating

pack the heating pad does come with a

carrying case

which you saw earlier

so once you’re done using you can

turn off unplug roll up

and place into the carrying case until

next use

i recall the first time i went to put

the pad into the case i found the fit

a bit snug however haven’t really had

the same trouble since

just watch and see

so awkward doing this in front of a


i’m trying to make sure you guys can see

what i’m doing

there we go

again if you have questions ask away

in the comments do remember i

am not a doctor so i emphasize

carefully read all information that cure

choice includes with the heating pad

when deciding whether their heating pad

would be beneficial

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until then remember don’t blend in

blend out

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